GLA2: Avenue House, Finchley

GLA 2: Avenue House, Finchley, Potential LIGS
London Borough of Barnet, TQ 2521 9029
Ownership: Avenue House Trust.
Access during opening times.

Topography and superficial deposits

The grounds of Avenue House are a landscaped park area with small pebbly patches beneath trees and in temporary exposures. The land falls to the north with indications of hillocky natural topography.

The above features characterise an area that was once covered by an ice sheet and in this case it was the Anglian glaciation some 450,000 year ago. This is one of the most southerly exposures of glacial till or boulder clay deposited by this ice sheet. The glacial deposits are chalky and flinty till, together with outwash sand and gravels, silts and clays (see BGS Special Memoir, pp.58-59).

The site is accessed from East End Road, with numerous nearby buses and Finchley Central Underground station is 10 minutes walk away. The park has open access; contact Avenue House Estate Trust for information on group access ( The Victorian House is grade II listed and contains a museum of the Stephens Collection; an acknowledgement to the inventors of ink.

Till exposure in grounds of Avenue Forest House Estate
Source: London’s foundations, page 124


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Source: London’s foundations, page 123


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