GLA3: Beckenham Place Park

GLA 3: Beckenham Place Park, Recommended RIGS
London Borough of Lewisham, TQ 38534 70267
Ownership: Local Authority. Public Open Space

A small Exposure of Harwich Formation (rounded flint pebbles with calcareous cement) can be seen near the Crab Hill entrance to the park. The Eocene Harwich Formation (about 55 million years old) is very variable but when found in southeast London it is the Blackheath Beds that is the dominant facies. These rounded pebbles are uniformly black and very distinctive. Here, in the public space of Beckenham Place Park they have been cemented and lumps can be seen beside the path on the east side near the base of the slope although in autumn they tend to be covered in leaves. A better example of cemented Blackheath Pebbles can be seen at the Dog Rocks on Plumstead Common (GLA 8). At the top of the slope the underlying rock type is London Clay although it is difficult to find actual exposures. Beckenham Place Park is on the Capital Ring ( and Green Chain Walk (

Harwich Formation boulders and outcrop
Source: London’s foundations, page 126


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Source: London’s foundations, page 125

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