GLA 30: Cray Valley Golf Course Sand Pit

GLA 30: Cray Valley Golf Course Sand Pit
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London Borough of Bromley, TQ 48927 69199
Ownership: Cray Valley Golf Club. Access is by permission of the owners.

Increasingly overgrown, large (4-5metres) vertical exposures of Thanet Sand Formation in a disused sand pit can still be seen. They have been left after previous mineral extraction stopped (for use in the construction of the A20 motorway). The exposures are situated towards the eastern end of Cray Valley Golf Course. Approximately 64 sand martin holes are present in the north-west facing cliff – the only known breeding colony where sand martins have nested within the Borough of Bromley, and one of the largest in London.

Access is possible by golf buggy with permission of the golf club management (phone secretary on 01689 839 677).


* Woodward H B & Chatwin C P (revised by Bromehead C E N), 1922: The Geology of London District. Memoir of the Geological Survey, p 22 (this memoir can be downloaded here).

gla30Quarry face with sand martin burrows
Source: London’s foundations, page 166





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