GLA 32: High Elms Dene Hole

GLA 32: High Elms Dene Hole
Recommended RIGS
London Borough of Bromley, TQ 43956 62823
Ownership: Local Authority. Public open space (High Elms Country Park); permission to enter the mine must be obtained from Head Ranger prior to the visit

This is a well preserved and protected underground Chalk pit. Very few, if any, of the over 200 chalk pits in the area are preserved. The pit is a bat roost and used as a hibernation site in winter. An information board was placed there late in 2012.

Dene holes are medieval chalk extraction pits; characteristically they comprise a narrow shaft with a number of chambers radiating from the base. More recent equivalents (17th to 19th century) are known as chalk-wells and chalk angles (specific to the Berkshire Down) and are reported to be cruder in construction; both were commonly located close to the field boundaries at the time of extraction. The depth of the features reflects the depth to the underlying chalk bedrock. The shaft width was commonly in the order of 2–3 m, widening out into galleries at depth.

The Kent Underground Research Group’s website: and give further information about dene holes.

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