GLA 35: Wansunt Pit, SSSI

GLA 35: Wansunt Pit, SSSI
London Borough of Bexley, TQ 515 738
Ownership: Private, but managed by London Wildlife Trust

Although an SSSI (see here for more details), the site currently provides no exposures in the Dartford Heath Gravel, a deposit that has been the subject of considerable controversy since the turn of the century. Current geological maps indicate the deposit is part of the Boyn Hill Gravel, of equivalent age to the terrace deposit at Swanscombe, but it has also been attributed to the Black Park Gravel, an older terrace deposit (see BGS Special Memoir, Table 15) 1, 2. The probable age of the deposit is 400,000 to 350,000 years.


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2 Bridgland, D.R. 2006 The Middle and Upper Pleistocene sequence in the Lower Thames: a record of Milankovitch climatic fluctuation and early human occupation of southern Britain. Proceedings Geologists Association, 117, pp. 281 – 305.

Wansunt Pit
Source: Vernon Marks


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