GLA4: Chelsfield Gravel

GLA4: Chelsfield Gravel, Recommended RIGS
London Borough of Bromley, TQ 476 642
Ownership: Court Lodge Farm.
Access to some of the site is open, contact farm for access to the remainder of site.

This is the area where Late Pliocene/Early Pleistocene ( Chelsfield Gravel which has been reworked from the Harwich Formation was first identified (known as its type locality). The deposit is interpreted as a head, partly let down with the underlying Thanet Sand into dissolution hollows in the Chalk below. It consists of well-rounded flint pebble gravels, sandy gravels, pebbly sands and sands. The lithologies are similar to those in Harwich Formation (Blackheath Beds) from which it is thought to have been mainly derived. The precise age is difficult to interpret and has variously been dated as Pre-Anglian or earlier (See BGS Special Memoir, p.55).

This outcrop covers an area of grassy footpaths frequented by dog walkers who use the nearby station car park. It also extends into farmland on either side which is where the gravel can be seen in ploughed fields. A viewpoint of the local area is situated at the edge of the open area from where the Chelsfield Gravel can be viewed. Geological information could be added to the existing interpretation sign.

View of feature forming edge of Chelsfield Gravel outcrop
Source: London’s foundations, page 128


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Source: London’s foundations, page 127


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