GLA 53: Charmwood Farm, Potential LIGS

GLA 53: Charmwood Farm, Potential LIGS
London Borough of Bromley, TQ 4616 6244
Ownership: GK Deniss Farms. Permission to visit from owner.

In a small wood midway between Little Molloms Wood and Charmwood Farm, there are a series of associated depressions and a half-filled open cast chalk quarry. The entrance arch is 1.5 m by 1.5 m. A steep descent follows into a chamber 4.5 m high. A short (9 m) blind tunnel leads off on the right and there are two connections, about 3m long, on the left to a parallel tunnel which once had its own entrance. The two parallel tunnels are each about 25 m long. In 1992 the Kent Underground Research Group dug a deep exploratory trench but only found loose chalk rubble, probably part of a roof collapse. The site is gated by a metal grille. As most of the surface exposures of chalk in the London area are in Seaford Chalk, this is the likely horizon here although this has not been confirmed.

Entrance to quarry
Source: London’s foundations, page 231 (Vernon Marks)


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Source: London’s foundations, page 229

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