GLA 8: Dog Rocks

GLA 8: Dog Rocks, Proposed RIGS
London Borough of Greenwich, TQ 44301 77916
Ownership: Local Authority. Public open space.

Dog Rocks are large boulders of Harwich Formation (Blackheath Beds). They are found in Plumstead Common public park, in the shrubbery opposite the entrance to the Adventure Playground.

The boulders consist of rounded flint pebbles with a calcareous cement and are named Dog Rocks for their similarity in silhouette. The steep bank crossing the common here is one side of a former quarry and the blocks were probably put to one side by the quarry men. The Dog Rocks is Stop 6 on the Green Chain Walk Geotrail and is featured in GA Guide 68, pp 95-96

Some investigation was made into the composition of the rocks to check on a possibility that the rocks were artificial, made from pebbles screened out of local sand pit operations. The presence of dispersed fossil fragments makes this possibility highly unlikely. The calcareous matrix is far less developed than similar conglomerate rock at Croham Hurst and Beckenham Place Park

Dog Rocks (Harwich Foundation)
Source: Laurie Baker (March 2013)


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